Social Security Claiming Strategies

Social Security Claiming Strategies

We are pleased to offer a new tool, the Social Security Resource Guide, designed to help you approach retirement with confidence and answer your core questions, such as “When’s the best time for me to retire financially?” and “When should I start collecting Social Security?".

To help make informed decisions, the guide explains that you can start collecting Social Security prior to or after reaching the “full” or “normal” retirement age, which the Social Security Administration currently considers age 66 or 67.  The minimum age to start collecting is 62; the maximum age is 70.

This leads to key considerations:

  • If you require additional income or have limited sources of income, starting to collect earlier may be a logical option.
  • However, waiting to collect at your “full” retirement age or later will increase your periodic collections during your retirement.
  • For example, if you start to collect at age 70, your benefits can be as much as 32% larger than if you begin payments at age 66.

As this new Social Security Resource Guide explains, delaying retirement to maximize benefits may be an option to examine carefully and with the assistance of your financial advisor.

What is delayed retirement?


social_security_benefitschart Source: Social Security Administration, 2016

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