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  • Adam B. Joffe, CFA

    Adam B. Joffe, CFA

    Chief Executive Officer (interim) & Chief Operating Officer

  • Jennifer Cassedy, ESQ.

    Jennifer Cassedy, ESQ.

    Senior Managing Director & Chief Compliance Officer

  • Daniel J. McCormack

    Executive Vice President & Global Head of Strategic Relationships


The Boston Company Asset Management is a performance-driven global equity manager. We build portfolios that are rooted in bottom-up stock selection, fundamental research, macro perspectives and risk management techniques appropriate for institutional investors. We are dedicated to fostering long-term solutions-based relationships with our clients and earning their confidence through the consistent delivery of alpha across a wide range of equity offerings.

All of our strategies, including active long-only and alternatives, are implemented with consistency and discipline, leveraging more than 40 years of history in equity investing. Our investment performance is based on a time-tested approach, coupled with the deep, broad-based experience of our investment professionals.


The Boston Company Asset Management is dedicated to understanding the unique circumstances of its clients so it is in the best position to anticipate and resolve their investment needs. Portfolios are entrusted to a talented team of experienced professionals who are focused on the consistent delivery of alpha across a broad range of investment strategies.


The Boston Company Asset Management’s collaborative approach encompasses several small, responsive and decisive portfolio teams made up of seasoned investment professionals as well as a top-tier global research platform that provides depth as well as breadth. All of its teams are organized around their longstanding commitment to accountability, and they always have their clients’ investments mandates in mind.

BNY Mellon owns a majority of The Boston Company Asset Management, LLC and the remainder is owned by employees of the firm.