Connective Thinking, Singular Focus.

The Portfolios of Tomorrow

The opportunities and challenges of this moment require foresight and wisdom. Farsightedness and perspective. This moment requires portfolios that reflect that mindset— portfolios that are both nimble and likely to sustain the test of time.

Managing through today’s market dynamics requires expertise, skill and a certain way of thinking.

To build a forward momentum that is positioned to deliver even in the most uncertain of times requires portfolios that are both nimble and evergreen, built by the collective strength of one of the world’s largest asset managers.

Connective thinking, singular focus

We optimize the power of diverse viewpoints from across our franchise investment teams. This is the collective strength of our culture and the engine for active investment insights that drive value creation. It means a focus on thinking deeply and broadly, so that portfolios may thrive. Not just today, but tomorrow.

This approach is embedded in all of our investment strategies and services – making them agile and poised to perform during even the most uncertain times.

This is investing as it should be.

Our Insights

Focused on markets

As a major market participant, we bring a unique bird’s eye perspective to investment management. This gives us the ability to understand and navigate market volatility in the moment – even when it’s unexpected. But we don’t just look back. We connect the past, present and future in our long-term outlook, giving us further perspective and foresight to plan and manage our way through market cycles.

What's alway in vogue? Quality companies

There will be winners and losers in every industry and we believe higher quality companies, more oftenthan not, will be the winners.

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Fallen Angels, or investment grade bonds downgraded to high yield, can create attractive entry points for bonds with equity-like returns and fixed income-level risk.

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Security Selection is the Name of the Game

See how the BNY Mellon Core Plus team has spotted opportunity in security-level dispersion caused by pandemic-related impacts. It’s one more way we use connective thinking to navigate today’s markets.

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Infinity and Beyond

Senior portfolio manager Gautam Khanna discusses the impact of the Fed’s liquidity efforts while also weighing important considerations at the issuer level.

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Our Strategies


Our Portfolios of Tomorrow feature four diverse investment strategies across equity and fixed income that provide opportunities for growth over the medium to long term while helping manage volatility in the short term. It’s the kind of nimble yet farsighted active management that only connective thinking can help facilitate.

These give you the tools to help build portfolios that can weather today’s markets while being positioned to capitalize on the most proactive businesses and evolving industries that will define success and value creation tomorrow.



BNY Mellon International Stock Fund

The fund seeks long-term total return. To pursue this goal, the fund normally invests at least 80% of its net assets, plus any borrowings for investment purposes, in stocks.


BNY Mellon Small/Mid Cap Growth Fund

The fund seeks long-term growth of capital. To pursue this goal, the fund invests, under normal circumstances, at least 80% of its assets in equity securities of small-cap and mid-cap U.S. companies.


BNY Mellon Core Plus Fund

The fund seeks high total return consistent with preservation of capital. To pursue its goal, the fund normally invests in a diversified portfolio of fixed-income securities of U.S. and foreign issuers.


BNY Mellon Global Fixed Income Fund

The fund seeks to maximize total return while realizing a market level of income consistent with preserving principal and liquidity.

Connected to clients

We make it easy for financial professionals to work with us. We believe in sharing insights and providing resources to give you the information and tools you need to be successful. This is the glue that keeps things together as we move forward in times of both calm and crisis – helping you to build a resilient client base.

Conversations with Liz Young podcast series

Tune in to hear Director of Market Strategy Liz Young cover a range of market topics to keep you and your clients connected and informed.

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Weekly Market Roundup from Alicia Levine

Watch BNY Mellon Investment Management’s Chief Strategist discuss the week’s updates in the markets in her regular Monday video.

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