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Balancing the Recovery and Low Rates:
Implications from the Latest Fed Meeting

Dreyfus Cash Investment Strategies (CIS) discussed the outcome of the June 16 Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting and its potential impact on the short-term fixed income markets. Our professionals weighed in on:

  • Federal Reserve Policy Analysis
  • Inflation, GDP and Treasury Bill Issuance Expectations
  • Yield Curve and Money Market Rate Forecast

The Zero Bound & Reform — A New Horizon for Money Market Funds?

Dreyfus Cash Investment Strategies (Dreyfus CIS) professionals discussed the current short-term market environment and potential money market fund reforms as presented by the President’s Working Group (PWG). This wide-ranging discussion covered:

  • Short-term yields and our assessment of their impact on money market funds and fee waivers
  • Our view of the PWG options that could advance policy goals of enhanced resiliency

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