Taxable Separately
Managed Accounts

Dreyfus Cash Solutions offers taxable separately managed accounts managed by Mellon Investments Corporation (Mellon). Mellon's taxable separately managed accounts have an investment management focus that is exclusively dedicated to fixed income and credit solutions for institutional investors. Mellon’s scope of services, size and scale facilitate their ability to deliver efficient, alpha-driven solutions to clients throughout the globe who may benefit from fully customized, separate account strategies. SMA solutions are offered with average maturities/durations ranging from 0.25–3 years. Strategies are available in government/credit, government, and treasury.

Mellon's Philosophy and Process Include:

Experienced Fixed Income Manager, Short Duration Expertise

Mellon's focused team of investment professionals is backed by the deep resources of a global multi-specialist investment manager. This team of experts draws from Mellon’s broad investment capabilities to design and implement customized solutions for clients.

High-Touch Service Model
Responsive. Nimble. Dynamic

To meet each client’s unique needs, Mellon's service model offers clients direct access to portfolio managers and other investment resources, providing complete transparency into views, positioning and results. We believe inclusion of the portfolio manager as a part of the core client service team is the most effective approach to meeting the ever-changing needs of clients. The portfolio managers are dynamic, responsive partners who provide visibility and effective solutions for clients at every turn.

Client Driven Portfolio Solutions Approach and View

Investment professionals collaborate with clients to design custom solutions that balance principal stability, liquidity and returns.

We believe risk management is one of the keys to long-term investment success. Mellon seeks to avoid negative surprises by focusing on implementation processes and governance.

Portfolio construction process utilizes quantitative and fundamental methods to help identify appropriate assets for client portfolios.

Competitive Advantages

Mellon strives to provide value-added investment solutions tailored to clients’ needs

Strategic partnership includes client access to portfolio managers and investment analysts

Robust credit process integrates a longer-term outlook and relative value assessment with a short-term focus on money market eligible securities

Apply the best investment ideas of dedicated sector teams

Dedicated team of investment professionals with extensive experience managing short-duration mandates

Long-tenured investment team has navigated portfolios through multiple market cycles

Balancing Principal Stability & Liquidity with Yield & Returns

Mellon investment professionals partner with clients to implement separately managed accounts customized to client parameters.

All investments involve risk including loss of principal. Certain investments involve greater or unique risks that should be considered along with the objectives, fees, and expenses before investing.

Mellon Investments Corporation (Mellon) is a global multi-specialist investment manager dedicated to serving its clients with a full spectrum of research-driven solutions. Mellon is a registered investment adviser and an indirect subsidiary of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation.

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Securities and certain advisory products managed by Mellon Investments Corporation (Mellon) are offered through the Dreyfus Cash Solutions division of BNY Mellon Securities Corporation (BNYMSC), a registered broker-dealer and FINRA member. BNYMSC and Mellon are subsidiaries of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation.