Dreyfus Managed Asset ProgramSM (DMAP)

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We believe, it's important to have a long-term plan — and stick with it. The Dreyfus Managed Asset ProgramSM (DMAP) offers a Mutual Fund Series for IRA and non-retirement accounts, and Separately Managed Account Series to help you stay on course with your investment strategy.


Dreyfus Managed Asset ProgramSM (DMAP) Mutual Fund Series

Designed for long-term investors, the Dreyfus Managed Asset Program is a wrap-fee, investment advisory program that charts a personalized course to help you achieve your investment goals. By adhering to proven, tested fundamentals, the program seeks to design an optimized investment portfolio specifically for you — so you can feel more comfortable sticking with your investment strategy, even in uncertain markets.


1) Getting to know you. Working together with your Advisor, DMAP begins with an assessment to define your individual needs and goals and tolerance for risk, and includes an analysis of your current plan. Your dedicated BNY Mellon Advisor will answer any questions you may have and will be there every step of the way.

2) Optimizing your asset allocation strategy. DMAP then provides a sophisticated, quantitative process to analyze your goals and risk appetite to help identify the best asset mix for your investment objectives. The result is a personalized asset allocation strategy designed to deliver the optimal risk and potential return in the most effective way.

3) Building a personalized portfolio. Next, DMAP narrows the universe of mutual fund options and offers a variety of choices categorized to fit your needs. Together with your Advisor, a diversified mutual fund portfolio will be developed.

4) Maintaining the right balance. A systematic, ongoing review of your asset mix will help ensure that it remains in line with your long-term objectives. On a semi-annual basis (or quarterly basis if requested) your portfolio will be automatically rebalanced and your holdings reallocated to keep your plan on track.

The DMAP product is accessible directly through BNY Mellon Advisor Services. Please call 1-800-843-5466 to learn more.

Separately Managed Accounts

Customized Investment Series
Dreyfus Municipal Bond Separate Account Series

Separately managed accounts can play an important role in an investor's strategy because of the special benefits they offer, albeit at higher investment minimums. These customizable investment portfolios vehicles are designed to help investors reach individual and specific financial goals by combining the benefits of professional money management with the added flexibility, control and potential tax advantages of owning individual securities. A separately managed account is a portfolio of securities directly owned by the investor and managed according to a specific discipline and/or style by a professional investment manager. Account owners have the ability to customize their accounts by excluding certain securities or industries, or employing tax-advantaged strategies. The Customized Investment Series and Dreyfus Municipal Bond Separate Account Series offer various equity and municipal bond portfolio choices, respectively.

Separate account programs provide investors with access to leading portfolio managers who in the past may have exclusively managed very large private and institutional accounts. In addition, since these programs are offered only through investment professionals, financial advisors are there to provide individualized monitoring of portfolio manager performance.

Separate accounts can be tailored to meet individual investors' needs — focusing on risk tolerance and long-term investment objectives. Investors can specify certain parameters to customize their accounts, such as excluding certain securities or sectors, due to social, political or environmental concerns, and managing the portfolio to help reduce tax liabilities.

Ownership has its privileges: investors own each individual security held in a separate account. Sell decisions are made by portfolio management based on the investment strategy, and are not affected by the redemption needs of anyone except the individual account owner.

When investing through a separately managed account, investors pay taxes only on the capital gains that they actually realize. Individual securities in the account are owned directly, allowing investors to work with their tax advisor and financial advisor to implement tax-efficient investing strategies. In addition, some separate accounts provide flexibility in funding. Separately managed accounts can typically be funded with securities in kind, as well as cash. Many investment advisers will accept securities or portfolios, such as trust and retirement accounts, to fund the account.

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All investments involve risk including loss of principal. Certain investments involve greater or unique risks that should be considered along with the objectives, fees, and expenses before investing.

Minimum account balance for Dreyfus Managed Asset Program Mutual Fund Series is $25,000. Equity separate account portfolios within the Customized Investment Series require a $100,000 minimum. Dreyfus Municipal Bond Separate Account Series national portfolios require a $300,000 minimum and state specific portfolios require a $500,000 minimum.

For more information on DMAP call 1-800-843-5466.

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