Mutual Fund Account
Access Quick Tips

Follow these quick and easy tips to help troubleshoot some
common mutual fund account access issues.

Password tips

  • Users are locked out if they have not logged into their accounts within 180 days
  • Update your password yearly
  • Password Criteria: 8-10 characters with a minimum of 4 letters and 2 numbers; Examples: "Bird1234" or "7Gh5nTS8"



  • When inputting your account number, be sure to use only the last 10 digits of the account number located on your account statement (do not include the fund code)
  • When obtaining the authentication code, hold the "Control" button on your keyboard and then press the letter "N" to open a new window


Still need help? Contact us at 1-800-645-6561.

Before you call, please have the following information ready and available:

  • Type of computer or device you are using
  • Web browser and version (EX: Internet Explorer v.11)
  • Account number
  • Error message you are receiving


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