Retirement Video Center

Retirement is a journey, not a destination.  The Retirement Video Center contains videos on various topics brought to you by John Davis, Director of Retirement & Insights, that offer practical considerations when preparing for your next phase of life.  



Spouse and Survivor Benefits.

Social security remains an important income source and this video discusses spouse and survivor benefits. The social security administration uses a specific method to calculate these benefits based on different scenarios. Contact your financial advisor or tax advisor to discuss your specific situation.



Retirement Benefits.

Sometimes underappreciated, Social Security forms the “foundation” of a retirement income plan. But how do you actually begin to start the process to claim these benefits? View our video to learn more.



Social Security is a simple concept.

As you work, you pay taxes to the government. When you retire or become disabled, you receive monthly benefits based on your reported earnings. In the event of your unexpected death, your spouse and children will be cared for. You should work with the Social Security Administration and your financial advisor to determine how to integrate Social Security into your overall retirement plan.