Where do we go from here?

The past few months have undoubtedly changed the economy and the world as we know it. However, history reveals things will eventually get better. With that in mind, where do we go from here?

Can the gold rally hold?

Newton Real Return investment specialist Catherine Doyle shares why she thinks the gold rally may still have legs.

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Red, white and tech

How might the technology sector fare in the aftermath of the US election? Mellon’s Robert Zeuthen and Justin Sumner share their thoughts.

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US healthcare sector weighs potential change ahead

With the US presidential election around the corner, one of the most closely watched sectors is healthcare. Mellon senior research analyst Matthew Jenkin shares how he believes things could unfold.

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Infinity and beyond?

Gautam Khanna, portfolio manager of the BNY Mellon Core Plus Strategy, considers the implications of extreme monetary policy.

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Can economies handle a second wave of Covid-19?

Newton chief investment officer Curt Custard gives his take on how investors might prepare for a second round of Covid-19.

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The income conundrum

While companies around the world cut, suspend and/or defer dividends, Newton’s head of equity income, Ilga Haubelt remains confident about income investing.

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Shapes of recovery

With the dust beginning to settle on the biggest sell-off in a generation, the next question is whether we’re in line for a recovery, and, if so, what shape that recovery might take.

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Global equities: A rough road ahead?

Investors in global equities have endured a bumpy ride since the start of the year as sell-off gave way to partial recovery amid bouts of ongoing volatility.

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Journey to the end of the night

Indiscriminate market sell-offs and bouts of volatility have hit credit investors across many fixed-income sectors in 2020.

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Navigating the unpredictable

Following the heightened volatility and uncertainty seen in the first half of the year, Newton’s Global Real Return team has been busy preparing the portfolio for the second half, strengthening its return-seeking core.

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Are we running out of policy ammo?

In the fight against economic contagion, the battlefield metaphors have come thick and fast. Paul Brain, Rowena Geraghty, Miyuki Kashima and Sebastian Vismara weigh in.

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Vantage Point: Pandemic

The world has seen the emergence of a novel coronavirus that has infected large numbers of people in China and the rest of the world. This edition is devoted to trying to work out what the economic impact might be, and for how long it will continue.

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Historically Speaking, Time is On Your Side

A true long-term investment perspective should include both the future and the past. 

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Five past bear markets and what they taught us

David Leduc (DL), head of fixed income at Mellon, and George Saffaye (GS), global investment strategist at Mellon, dissect five past bear markets (20% peak-to-trough) and reveal what they think the biggest takeaways were for investors.

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Looking for an “All Clear” Sign?

Examing today's volatility through a historical lens

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The Case for Asset Allocation

A true long-term investment perspective should include both the future and the past. By taking into account events that shaped the markets and their subsequent recoveries, we may see patterns of potential recovery applicable to our own futures.

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Stick with a Plan in Uncertain Financial Markets

The market turbulence that plagued investors in the first quarter of 2020 has continued. This persistent volatility has left investors with some nagging questions.

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Impacts of market volatility are not felt equally by all investors

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Is Derisking Risky Business?

Since 2017, in our view, many investors have been derisking, moving away from intermediate duration bonds to ultrashort duration bonds and cash-like securities. We think this deserves a deeper look.

Covid 19: Looking through the crisis

Once we know that all major economies are in lockdown, we may be able to start calculating the extent of the economic...


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