Dreyfus Insured Deposit Program A (DIDA)

Offering an attractive way to address your cash needs.

The program enables you to help preserve a considerable portion of your assets through a highly liquid, interest-bearing account.

Today, FDIC insurance covers both the principal and accrued interest in each bank account up to $250,000 per depositor, for each FDIC-member bank where money is deposited. The Dreyfus Insured Deposit Program employs a “multi-bank” investment approach to help increase your total FDIC insurance coverage up to $2.5 million. This is accomplished by depositing your assets among multiple participating institutions (program banks) as determined by your available cash balance. To ensure that your balance (plus accrued interest) receives the greatest amount of FDIC coverage available through the program, the principal amount of your sweep balance held at any one institution is limited, to the extent possible. NOTE: In the event your total swept balance exceeds the program’s FDIC insurance coverage limit, a portion of your swept balance may not be covered by FDIC insurance.

For Program A there are three documents for your review:

  1. Terms and Conditions for the Tiered Rate Program – This document serves as a summary of the features of the Dreyfus Insured Deposit Program.
  2. Bank list – This list includes all of the banks currently available within the program.
  3. Rate Sheet – Highlights the current rates you can expect to receive. This rate sheet is updated weekly.