Custom Target Date Builder

The Blueprint for Retirement Architects

Custom Target Date Builder couples innovative, easy-to-use technology with the capabilities of two of the world’s investment leaders, BNY Mellon Investment Management and Wilshire, creating a highly flexible, distinctive program that redefines target date investing:

•  Five glide paths, diversified across as many as 18 asset classes.

•  Open architecture, with access to a robust universe high-conviction active and passive investment strategies, offered as mutual funds and/or collective investment trusts.

•  Sophisticated, manager selection and asset allocation, powered by Wilshire.

•  Independent manager selection and asset allocation within an ERISA 3(38) fiduciary framework to mitigate fiduciary risk.

•  Built-in tools designed to support an advisor’s consultative efforts to elevate value delivery to plan sponsors and participants.

•  Innovative technology that makes high-touch customization scalable, enabling advisors to grow their DC practice.

•  Finally, customizing the target date solution to better align with needs of plan sponsors and plan participants, alike.

Three Steps to Design and Build

With the confidence of a sound foundation, Retirement Plan Architects (RPA) can exercise three key levers to create custom target date portfolios specific to each plan sponsor client’s particular needs and wishes.

Step 1.

Select from available glide paths

An RPA can calibrate the mix of equity and fixed income exposure to provide five equity risk levels, including:

• Conservative

• Moderate Conservative

• Moderate

• Moderate Aggressive

• Aggressive

Each glide path is slowly de-risked as the participant approaches retirement and throughout his or her retirement years, with the Aggressive through Conservative glide path options structured to accommodate a participant’s preference and capacity for risk.

This ability to adjust the risk level up or down in the context of specific retirement target dates, such as 2050, creates a custom target date portfolio that combines the best of the target date and target risk approaches.

Figure 1: Five glidepath options, with Wilshire research baked in to each one

Step 2.

Select from available asset classes

Many off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all Target Date Funds in use today have limited asset class diversity, which may reduce the potential for long-term returns and risk mitigation benefits of broader asset class exposure.

The BNY Mellon Investment Management Custom Target Date Builder provides access to as many as 18 asset classes, from which sophisticated, broadly diversified investment portfolios can be crafted. The available asset classes are shown in Step 3:

Step 3.

Select underlying strategies

Conventional Target Date Funds typically invest in proprietary funds managed by a single fund family, depriving plan sponsors the benefits of open architecture sought after in today’s institutional lineups.

With the Custom Target Date Fund Builder, RPAs choose from among hundreds of strategies across asset classes that have passed Wilshire’s rigorous investment manager selection process.

These investment choices include actively and passively managed portfolios from a universe of mutual funds and collective investment trusts.1

Figure 2: Available asset classes include:

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All investments involve some level of risk, including loss of principal. Certain investments have specific or unique risks.

An investment in a Target Date Fund does not eliminate the need for an investor to determine whether a fund is appropriate for their specific financial situation. An investment in a fund is not guaranteed. Investors may experience losses, including losses near, at, or after the target date, and there is no guarantee that a fund will provide adequate income at and through retirement.

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