Helping Meet Investor Challenges

Dreyfus Investor Survey Brief

June 2017

Dreyfus introduced a survey to explore the investing lives of individual investors, including engagement with investment professionals, portfolio allocations and risk appetite. They also queried investment advisors regarding their investing relationship with clients and how they are helping clients meet their investing objectives. This is the first of several data releases that are part of the Dreyfus “Helping Meet Investor Challenges” study. Read press release here.


Half of Investors Are Not Managing Their Portfolios

Forty-nine percent have indicated they had not yet taken any action on reevaluating their investment approaches in light of the shifting investment landscape of uneven economic growth, low interest rates globally with promise of rising U.S. rates, low income and current low market volatility.

Individual investor findings according to those who work with an Investment Advisor (IA) or a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and those who don’t:


Investors Tackle Evaluating Portfolios Differently by Age

The research reveals 61% of investors 55+ indicated they have not or will not reevaluate their investment approach in today’s existing investing environment.

In contrast, 65% of younger investors between the ages of 21 and 34 indicated that had already evaluated their investment approach as did 51% of those aged 35-54 and 39% of those aged 55+.

Individual investor findings segmented by age demographic (all, 21-34, 35-54,55+).


Attitudes Differ Around Working With an Advisor by Age

Younger investors between 21-34 (63%) indicated they had worked with an advisor in reevaluating their investments, while only a third (38%) of those 55+ had evaluated their investments with an advisor.


Mass Affluent Not Taking Immediate Action to Reevaluate Their Portfolios

Nearly half (43%) of the mass affluent audience had not reevaluated their investment approach in this new investment environment.

Thirty eight percent had not discussed and reevaluated their investment approach despite talking with an advisor.

Markets today behave differently than before and have evolved to a shifting investment landscape of low growth, low rates and low volatility. Have you reevaluated your investment approach to address this new investing environment?


Putting Off What You Can Do Today With Your Investment Portfolio

Six in ten investors (62%) without a financial advisor are most likely to put off their plans to address today’s market challenges, with only one quarter (24%) saying that they plan to address the shifting investment landscape they face at some point in 2017.

Almost two-thirds (61%) of those who had worked with an investment advisor had indicated they had reevaluated their investment approach with their advisors compared to two in five (38%) who had not worked with an advisor.


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