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    BNY Mellon Variable Investment Fund, Opportunistic Small Cap Portfolio

    Why invest in this Fund?

    The fund seeks capital growth.

    To pursue this goal, the fund normally invests at least 80% of its net assets in the stocks of small-cap companies with market capitalizations within the range of companies in the Russell 2000 Index at the time of purchase. The fund's stock investments may include common stocks, preferred stocks and convertible securities of both U.S. and foreign issuers. Stocks are selected for the fund's portfolio based primarily on bottom-up fundamental analysis.

    Min. Class Investment
    Class Inception Date
    Fund Assets
    $279,272,667  As of  06/14/24
    Class Assets
    $17,950,094  As of  06/14/24
    Portfolio Turnover Rate
    33.58% As of fiscal year end  12/31/23
    Russell 2000® Index
    Fund Holdings
    68 As of 05/31/24

    Portfolio Managers

    • Andrew Leger

      Andrew Leger

      Portfolio Manager, Newton Investment Management North America, LLC

      Managing Fund Since 2021

      Joined Firm in 2014

      Joined Industry in 1998

    Fees & Expenses

    Variable insurance products have additional fees, charges and expenses. Please consult the applicable variable contract prospectus for more detailed information.

    Portfolio Manager/Sub-Investment Adviser

    The fund's investment adviser is BNY Mellon Investment Adviser, Inc. (BNYM Investment Adviser). BNYM Investment Adviser has engaged its affiliate, Newton Investment Management North America, LLC (NIMNA), to serve as the fund's sub-adviser. NIMNA has entered into a sub-sub-investment advisory agreement with its affiliate, Newton Investment Management Limited (NIM), to enable NIM to provide certain advisory services to NIMNA for the benefit of the fund.The fund is managed by a team of investment professionals employed by NIMNA. The team members who are jointly and primarily responsible for managing the fund's portfolio are Patrick Kent, CFA, CMT and Andrew Leger. Mr. Kent has served as lead portfolio manager of the fund since March 2019. Mr. Leger has been a portfolio manager of the fund since September 2021. Mr. Kent is Deputy Head of Equity Opportunities and a portfolio manager at NIMNA. Mr. Leger is a portfolio manager at NIMNA.

    Top Holdings

    As of 05/31/24

    Asset Allocation

        Main Risks

        An investment in the fund is not a bank deposit. It is not insured or guaranteed by the FDIC or any other government agency. It is not a complete investment program.
        While stocks have historically been a leading choice of long-term investors, they do fluctuate in price. The value of a shareholder's investment in the fund will go up and down, sometimes dramatically, which means that shareholders could lose money.
        Small companies carry additional risks because their earnings tend to be less predictable, their share prices more volatile and their securities less liquid than larger, more established companies. Some of the fund's investments are made in anticipation of future products and services that if delayed or cancelled could cause the company's stock price to drop. The fund may purchase securities of companies in initial public offerings (IPOs). The prices of securities purchased in IPOs can be very volatile.
        Please refer to the prospectus for a more complete discussion of the fund's main risks.


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