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We are pleased to introduce the new MyDreyfus service that will let you customize your experience on the website. You will now find:

  1. Literature Center. Easily locate fund documents to download, share via email, subscribe or order printed copies.
  2. Customized Watchlists. Allows you to build a customized fund list to track and compare performance among your selected funds.
  3. Subscriptions. You may elect to receive notifications of document updates electronically, and set the frequency with which you will be notified. Or, you can request literature to be mailed to you directly.

By becoming a MyDreyfus user, you may access fund commentaries, pitchbooks and investment reports. Once your registration is complete, please re-establish a new Watchlist if you had one previously set up. Get started now.

For assistance, download our User Guide. For additional information on our products and services, please call 1-800-334-6899.