Markets 2021: Investing
in the new normal

Global re-growth post-pandemic, vaccine hopes (and challenges), a change in US leadership and the UK’s new solo path. Our investment professionals look at 2021 – the probable highs and possible lows – to see what the year might bring.

Hope in the epicenter

Alicia Levine, Chief Strategist at BNY Mellon Investment Management, reveals why she thinks this year will be different.

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Accommodative policy crucial in 2021

Mellon CIO of Active Fixed Income David Leduc makes the case for why it’s important for central banks to maintain accommodative policy this year.

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Muni demand and the year ahead

Sherri Tilley, Municipal Bond Investment Strategist at Mellon, provides an outlook for state and local government fiscal health as well as municipal bond demand.

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Return of the cyclicals

With Covid-19 vaccines being rolled out , cyclical stocks are back in the limelight. But how long will it last? Newton global equity manager Paul Markham shares his thoughts

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2021: A year for hope and challenges

If 2020 was the year that wasn’t; 2021 is the year that will be. Does the rollout of new vaccines offer light at the end of tunnel or are we in for more of the same?

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2021: The fixed income specialist view

Our bond managers and analysts had some nuanced thoughts on the prospects for 2021. Read here to find out which were the bulls and which were the bears.

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2021: The equity specialist view

We broke down our survey responses into asset-class specific views. Here, equity and multi-asset specialists give their take on the year ahead.

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2021: The year of the yield conundrum

In their quest for viable returns, investors need not reinvent the wheel, says Alcentra’s Peter Glaser.

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Making the case: Real assets in uncertain times

Can real assets act as a hedge against inflation? Portfolio manager Jim Lydotes weighs in.

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2021 and working from home: It's complicated

The pandemic has profoundly affected many aspects of everyday life, and the same holds true for the asset-management industry, says investment manager Murdo Maclean.

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2021: Why all eyes are on tech

The coming 12 months could mark the start of a new era in tech, according to portfolio manager George Saffaye.

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10 risks and opportunities

Will 2021 be a year of promise or another year of pain?

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A turning point for energy policy

Newton analyst Laura Sheehan considers how a Biden election win could change the outlook for the energy sector.

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Consumer remains key for the US economy

How could the future political landscape in the US impact the retail sector? Newton analyst Maria Toneva helps explain.

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EM corporate debt bouncing back fast

Insight’s head of emerging market debt and emerging market corporate debt agree, bonds in their universe look attractive for 2021.

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Changing forms

Walter Scott investment manager Matthew Gerlach discusses the next era of computing.

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Tech acceleration poised to persist

Mellon global investment strategist George Saffaye gives an overview of some of the trends he’s watching.

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