Proxy Voting Policies

Summary of the Proxy Voting Policy and Procedures of The BNY Mellon Exchange-Traded Funds.


The board of BNY Mellon ETF Trust generally has delegated the authority to vote proxies of companies held in a fund's portfolio to either BNY Mellon ETF Investment Adviser, LLC ("BNYM ETF Adviser") or the fund's sub-investment adviser ("Sub-Adviser"), as described below. In addition, for each fund, the board has adopted proxy voting procedures pursuant to which proxies of companies held in a fund's portfolio will be voted. The proxy voting procedures adopted for a fund are the procedures of: (i) the primary employer of the fund's portfolio managers ("Primary Employer") or (ii) the Sub-Adviser (collectively, "Firms"), as described below. Please consult a fund's Statement of Additional Information for details concerning the applicable Firm's proxy voting policies and procedures.

Funds Entity with Discretionary Proxy Voting Responsibility Firm Proxy Voting Procedures Adopted
Directly-Advised Funds1 BNYM ETF Adviser Primary Employer
Sub-Advised Funds Sub-Adviser Sub-Adviser

Information regarding how proxies for the funds were voted during the most recent 12-month period ended June 30th is available on BNY Mellon's website, by the following August 31st, at and on the SEC's website at on a fund's Form N-PX.

1"Directly-Advised Funds" are funds that are advised by BNYM ETF Adviser, without the assistance of an engaged Sub-Adviser.

BNY Mellon is the corporate brand of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation and may also be used as a generic term to reference the Corporation as a whole or its various subsidiaries generally. BNY Mellon ETF Investment Adviser, Inc. is a company of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation.