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Vantage Point: Defensive playbook

Welcome to another edition of Vantage Point. The world economy is in a precarious situation. There are a number of pressing issues but three stand out: the ongoing energy crisis, high core inflation, and the situation in China. Each affects the major economic regions differently. But together warrant a very defensive approach to investing.

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    Monthly Market Roundup

September 2022

Summer Stumble


  • Global markets bounced in July and financial conditions eased as real rates in developed markets, most notably the US, declined on lower growth expectations and perception of a peak in Fed policy tightening.
  • Market participants perceived the July FOMC meeting as more dovish than anticipated, and expectations for a slower pace of hikes appear to have firmed.
  • US real rates, a key driver of equity valuations and broader financial conditions, declined notably, with the 10-year TIPS yield dropping as low as 0.14% from the high of 0.70% in mid-June.
  • In sympathy with the US Treasuries, the long end of the curve moved lower across major developed markets.
  • MSCI EAFE rose by 5.0%, while the S&P 500 surged by 9.2%. US companies delivered better than-expected earnings results and guidance, on net, against muted expectations from analysts for the 2Q22 earnings season.
  • Emerging markets lost ground as the USD gained by 1.2% against major FX, and Chinese markets dipped by 9.4%. Activity in China has been relatively weak, with the real estate sector, a major input into Chinese consumer sentiment, still struggling and growth data in July coming in weaker than expected. Expectations for a further slowdown in Chinese growth in 2H22 are becoming entrenched.
  • Oil prices continued to decline and are now down roughly 25% since June. Expectations for lower global growth, China’s zero-Covid policy and real estate sector woes, and a recovery in Russian production, among other factors, have contributed to oil price declines.


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