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2018 Global Outlook

After a broadly positive start to the year, markets in the second quarter showed further signs of divergence.


2018 Market Commentary
Presented by Alicia Levine, Head of Global Investment Strategy, Investment Management.


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A Tail of Two Markets

The market exited the first quarter of 2018 on an upward
trend but was battered by sentiment and tail risks.

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The Consequences of Tariffs

The economic consequences of the steel and aluminum tariffs
may result in retaliation with our trading partners.

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Global Investment Strategy Group:

Alicia Levine, PhD, Head of Global Investment Strategy
Lale Akoner, Market Strategist
Bryan Besecker, CFA, CAIA, Market Strategist
Eliana Daitch, Associate Investment Strategist
Eric Hundahl, CFA, Senior Investment Strategist
Melissa Wilson, Investment Strategist
Liz Young, CFA, Senior Investment Strategist