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    BNY Mellon Ultra Short Income ETF (BKUI)

    • CUSIP 09661T859
    • NAV  $ 49.05 As of  03/24/23
    • CHG  $ 0.01 (0.02 %)
    • MKT PRICE  $49.04 As of  03/24/23
    • CHG  $0.01 (0.02 %)
    • TOT EXPENSE RATIO  0.12% 

    Why invest in this Fund?

    • The fund aims to provide high current income while also seeking to provide low volatility and maintenance of liquidity.
    • The fund may be appropriate for investors looking for more attractive yields than money market vehicles1 while also focusing on mitigating downside risk.
    • Experienced cash management team focuses on total return with active risk management.
    • Liquid ETF structure allows investors to buy or sell any time the market is open.
    $29,428,729  As of  03/24/23
    600,001  As of  03/24/23
    4.18% As of  03/24/23
    $49.22  As of  04/13/22
    $48.63  As of  11/02/22
    0.58 yr(s). As of  02/28/23
    5.02% As of  02/28/23
    1.25 yr(s). As of  02/28/23
    Number of Holdings
    77 As of  02/28/23

    NAV - A fund's NAV is the sum of all its assets less any liabilities, divided by the number of shares outstanding.

    Market Price - The market price is the most recent official closing price for the listed exchange.

    Current Yield - (Sum of 30 days of net investment income/sum of 30 days of net assets) * (365*100)

    Avg Effective Duration - It is used to measure the market price sensitivity of the fund’s portfolio holdings to changes in interest-rates. Duration is not a complete measure of bond risk and may not be successful.

    Weighted Avg Yield to Maturity - The averaged total return anticipated on a group of bonds if held until their maturity.

    Weighted Avg Maturity - A measure of the average maturity of all of the underlying security instruments in the fund, weighted to reflect the relative percentage ownership of each instrument, and taking into account applicable “maturity shortening” provisions.

    Portfolio Managers

    • Stephen Murphy

      Stephen Murphy, CFA

      Senior Portfolio Manager, Dreyfus

      1 yr(s). on fund

    • Anthony  Honko

      Anthony Honko

      Portfolio Manager, Dreyfus

      1 yr(s). on fund

    Daily Statistics

    As of  03/24/23 NAME 30-DAY
    30-DAY MEDIAN 
    20-DAY AVG 
    BNY Mellon Ultra Short Income ETF
    4.68% 4.68% 0.02% 1,587 6,078 -0.03%

    30-Day SEC Yield - 30-Day SEC Yield is based upon dividends per share from net investment income during the past 30 days, divided by the period ended maximum offering price per share and annualized. Unsubsidized yield displays what the fund's 30-Day SEC Yield would have been had no fee waiver or expense reimbursement been in place during the period.

    30-Day Median Bid-Ask Spread - Gives investors the midpoint within the spread between an ETF’s selling price and buying price. It is calculated over the last 30 days in 10 second intervals by dividing the difference between the bid (sell price) and offer (buy price) by the midpoint of the National Best Bid Offer (NBBO) and identifying the median of those values.

    20-Day Avg Volume - 20-Day Average Volume is the sum of last 20 days of trading volume divided by 20 days.

    Premium / Discount - The amount the Fund is trading above or below the reported NAV expressed as a percentage of the NAV. When the fund's market price is greater than the fund's NAV, it is said to be trading at a "Premium" and the percentage is expressed as a positive number. When the fund's market price is less than the fund's NAV, it is said to be trading at a "Discount" and the percentage is expressed as a negative number.

    Total Returns

    Click here for NAV Returns 
    Average Annual
    As of 02/28/23
    Name 3 MO
    1 YR 3 YRS 5 YRS 10 YRS Since Inception
    BNY Mellon Ultra Short Income ETF
    1.24 0.79 1.21 - - - 0.30
    ICE BofA Merrill Lynch 3-Month U.S. Treasury Bill Index
    1.00 0.64 2.10 0.84 1.35 0.83 -
    Average Annual
    As of 12/31/22
    Name 3 MO
    1 YR 3 YRS 5 YRS 10 YRS Since Inception
    BNY Mellon Ultra Short Income ETF
    1.03 -0.10 -0.10 - - - -0.24
    ICE BofA Merrill Lynch 3-Month U.S. Treasury Bill Index
    0.84 1.46 1.46 0.72 1.26 0.76 -

    The performance data quoted represents past performance, which is no guarantee of future results. Share price, yield and investment return fluctuate and an investor's shares may be worth more or less than original cost upon redemption. Current performance may be lower or higher than the performance quoted.

    Market Price performance is calculated using the most recent NYSE Arca Official Closing Price. Market Price returns do not represent investors’ returns had they traded shares at other times.

    The ICE BofA Merrill Lynch 3-Month U.S. Treasury Bill Index is comprised of a single issue purchased at the beginning of the month and held for a full month. At the end of the month that issue is sold and rolled into a newly selected issue. The issue selected at each month-end rebalancing is the outstanding Treasury bill that matures closest to, but not beyond, three months from the rebalancing date. To qualify for selection, an issue must have settled on or before the month-end rebalancing date. Investors cannot invest directly in any index.

    Growth of $10,000 Investment

    Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

    Historical NAV and Market Price

      Historical Premium/Discount


      Prospectus Fee Table Expense Ratios

      Fees as stated in the prospectus  Fee Description Total Expense Ratio (%)
      Management Fee 0.12%
      Other Expenses 0.00%
      Total Expenses 0.12%

      The Total Expenses is the actual fund expense ratio applicable to investors.

      Portfolio Manager/Sub-Investment Adviser

      The fund's investment adviser is BNY Mellon ETF Investment Adviser, LLC, and the fund's sub-adviser is Dreyfus, a division of Mellon Investments Corporation (Mellon), which is an affiliate of the Adviser. Stephen Murphy and Anthony Honko are the fund's primary portfolio managers. Each portfolio manager has been a primary portfolio manager of the fund since its inception in August 2021. Mr. Murphy is Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager at Dreyfus, where he is responsible for managing a variety of high-grade multi-sector portfolios. Mr. Honko is a Vice President and Portfolio Manager at Dreyfus, where he is responsible for managing a variety of high-grade multi-sector portfolios. Each portfolio manager is jointly and primarily responsible for the day-to-day management of the fund's portfolio.

      Top Holdings

      As of 03/27/23
      Holdings % Portfolio Weight
      STARBIRD FUNDING 0 12/23 3.05
      SKANDI BK FRN 08/23 2.89
      MIZUHO CORP BK 07/25/2023 2.84
      ING U S FDG LL 09/01/2023 2.49
      NATIXIS DISC C 09/05/2023 2.49
      SVENSKA HNDL CP FRN 6/23 2.04
      TORONTO DOMINI 04/10/2023 2.03
      DnB Bank ASA 0 05/15/2023 2.02
      CRC FDG LLC 0% 06/08/2023 2.02
      FEDERATION CAI 08/14/2023 1.92
      ANZ NEW ZEALAN 8/28/2023 1.83
      BEDFORD ROW FRN 03/23 1.70
      WESTPAC BKG CO 04/11/2023 1.69
      STANDARD CHART FRN 3/26 1.19
      MITSUB UFJ FIN FRN 9/25 1.19
      VERIZON COMM INC FRN 3/24 1.19
      BANCO SANTANDER FRN 5/24 1.19
      BANK OF MONTREAL FRN 6/25 1.19
      BANK OF MONTREA FRN 12/23 1.18
      COM BK AUSTRALIA FRN 3/26 1.18
      AT&T INC FRN 3/24 1.18
      CHARLES SCHWAB FRN 3/24 1.18
      NATWEST MARKETS FRN 8/24 1.17
      HSBC HOLDINGS FRN 11/24 1.16
      ASB BANK LIMIT 3.125 5/24 1.16
      FORDL 2021-B A4 12/24 1.15
      HALST 2021-C A4 9/25 1.15
      HAROT 2021-3 A3 11/25 1.15
      JOHN DEERE CAP 4.8 1/26 1.04
      NATL BANK CANAD 5.25 1/25 1.02
      WALMART INC 3.9 9/25 1.02
      COLLAT COMM FRN 08/23 1.02
      THUNDER BAY FD FRN 07/23 1.02
      CREDIT AGRICOLE 3.75 4/23 1.02
      BANK OF AMER CRP FRN 5/24 1.02
      CAN IMPERIAL BK FRN 12/23 1.02
      IBM CORP 4 7/25 1.01
      BMW US CAP LLC FRN 8/24 1.01
      SUMITOMO TR&BK FRN 9/24 1.01
      CATERPILLAR FINL FRN 1/24 1.01
      SVENSKA HNDLSBK 3.9 11/23 1.01
      TORONTO DOM BANK FRN 9/24 1.01
      NATL AUSTRALIABK FRN 1/25 1.01
      WESTPAC BANKING FRN 11/24 1.01
      ANZ NZ INTL/LDN FRN 2/25 1.01
      KCOT 2020-1A A4 7/26 1.01
      AMERICAN EXPRESS 3.4 2/24 1.01
      CITIGROUP INC FRN 5/25 1.01
      INTEL CORP 3.7 7/25 1.01
      BANK NOVA SCOTIA FRN 1/25 1.01
      ROYAL BK CANADA FRN 1/25 1.01
      TOYOTA MTR CRED FRN 1/25 1.01
      MORGAN STANLEY FRN 1/25 1.00
      PACCAR FINL COR 3.55 8/25 1.00
      AMERICAN HONDA F 2.9 2/24 1.00
      GFORT 2020-1 A 8/25 1.00
      PNC FINANCIAL 3.5 1/24 1.00
      WOLS 2022-A A3 2/25 1.00
      GLAXOSMITHKLINE 3 6/24 1.00
      FORDF 2019-2 A 4/26 1.00
      PEPSICO INC 0.4 10/23 1.00
      MONDELEZ INT I 2.125 3/24 0.99
      BP CAP MKTS AME 3.41 2/26 0.99
      SUNTRUST BANK 3.2 4/24 0.99
      KEY BANK NA 4.7 1/26 0.99
      JOHN DEERE CAP 0.45 1/24 0.99
      WELLS FARGO CO 3 2/25 0.98
      SUMITOMO MITSU 0.508 1/24 0.98
      ASTRAZENECA FIN 0.7 5/24 0.98
      UBS AG LONDON 0.45 2/24 0.97
      NORDEA BANK AB 0.625 5/24 0.97
      SALESFORCE.COM 0.625 7/24 0.97
      MANUF & TRADERS 4.65 1/26 0.96
      CAN IMPERIAL B 3.945 8/25 0.91
      OSCAR 2021-1A A3 4/25 0.88
      AMERICAN EXPRESS FRN 2/26 0.85
      DIAGEO CAP PLC 3.5 9/23 0.84
      MANHATTAN ASSE 06/13/2023 0.84
      GOLDMAN SACHS GP FRN 1/25 0.67
      Net Current Assets 0.34
      STATE STREET CO 3.55 8/25 0.32

      % Portfolio Weight is calculated using the closing market price of each security from the prior business day.

      Holdings are subject to change. The holdings listed should not be considered recommendations to buy or sell a security.

      Asset Allocation

          Main Risks

          1.The fund is not a money market fund. The fund does not seek to maintain a stable net asset value ("NAV") of $1.00 per share. The fund's NAV and market value will fluctuate every day and these fluctuations may be significant on certain days. Also, the fund is not subject to the liquidity requirements and investment and credit quality restrictions applicable to money market funds. There can be no guarantee that the fund will generate higher returns than money market funds.

          ETFs trade like stocks, are subject to investment risk, including possible loss of principal.

          Bonds are subject to interest rate, credit, liquidity, call and market risks, to varying degrees. Generally, all other factors being equal, bond prices are inversely related to interest-rate changes and rate increases can cause price declines.

          Commercial paper is a short-term obligation with a maturity generally ranging from one to 270 days and is issued by U.S. or foreign companies or other entities in order to finance their current operations. Such investments are unsecured and usually discounted from their value at maturity.

          Investing in foreign denominated and/or domiciled securities involves special risks, including changes in currency exchange rates, political, economic, and social instability, limited company information, differing auditing and legal standards, and less market liquidity. These risks generally are greater with emerging market countries.

          Please refer to the prospectus for a more complete discussion of the fund's main risks.

          Recent market risks include pandemic risks related to COVID-19. The effects of COVID-19 have contributed to increased volatility in global markets and will likely affect certain countries, companies, industries and market sectors more dramatically than others. To the extent the fund may overweight its investments in certain countries, companies, industries or market sectors, such positions will increase the fund's exposure to risk of loss from adverse developments affecting those countries, companies, industries or sectors.

          Dividend Schedule

          Fiscal Year End
          Jun 30

          Distributions History

          CAPITAL GAIN
          CAPITAL GAIN
          03/01/23 03/02/23 03/07/23 0.1523 0.0000 0.0000 - 0.1523
          CAPITAL GAIN
          CAPITAL GAIN
          02/01/23 02/02/23 02/07/23 0.1485 0.0000 0.0000 - 0.1485
          12/28/22 12/29/22 01/04/23 0.1604 0.0000 0.0000 - 0.1604
          12/01/22 12/02/22 12/07/22 0.1450 0.0000 0.0000 - 0.1450
          11/01/22 11/02/22 11/07/22 0.1193 0.0000 0.0000 - 0.1193
          10/03/22 10/04/22 10/07/22 0.0971 0.0000 0.0000 - 0.0971
          09/01/22 09/02/22 09/08/22 0.0992 0.0000 0.0000 - 0.0992
          08/01/22 08/02/22 08/05/22 0.0560 0.0000 0.0000 - 0.0560
          07/01/22 07/05/22 07/08/22 0.0500 0.0000 0.0000 - 0.0500
          06/01/22 06/02/22 06/07/22 0.0437 0.0000 0.0000 - 0.0437
          05/02/22 05/03/22 05/06/22 0.0339 0.0000 0.0000 - 0.0339
          04/01/22 04/04/22 04/07/22 0.0313 0.0000 0.0000 - 0.0313
          03/01/22 03/02/22 03/07/22 0.0233 0.0000 0.0000 - 0.0233
          02/01/22 02/02/22 02/07/22 0.0270 0.0000 0.0000 - 0.0270
          12/29/21 12/30/21 01/04/22 0.0313 0.0000 0.0000 - 0.0313
          12/01/21 12/02/21 12/07/21 0.0262 0.0000 0.0000 - 0.0262
          11/01/21 11/02/21 11/05/21 0.0179 0.0000 0.0000 - 0.0179
          10/01/21 10/04/21 10/07/21 0.0198 0.0000 0.0000 - 0.0198
          09/01/21 09/02/21 09/08/21 0.0125 0.0000 0.0000 - 0.0125
          See all rows...



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          Investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses of the fund carefully before investing. Download a prospectus, or summary prospectus, if available, that contains that and other information about the fund, and read it carefully before investing.

          ETF shares are listed on an exchange, and shares are generally purchased and sold in the secondary market at market price. At times, the market price may be a premium or discount to the ETF's per share NAV. In addition, ETFs are subject to the risk that an active trading market for an ETF's shares may not develop or be maintained. Buying or selling ETF shares on an exchange may require the payment of brokerage commissions. Any applicable brokerage commissions will reduce returns.

          ETFs trade like stocks, are subject to investment risk, including possible loss of principal. Equities are subject to market, market sector, market liquidity, issuer, and investment style risks, among other factors, to varying degrees. The risks of investing in this ETF typically reflect the risks associated with the types of instruments in which the ETF invests. Diversification cannot assure a profit or protect against loss.

          The fund will issue (or redeem) fund shares to certain institutional investors known as “Authorized Participants” (typically market makers or other broker-dealers) only in large blocks of fund shares known as “Creation Units.” BNY Mellon Securities Corporation (“BNYMSC”), a subsidiary of the BNY Mellon, serves as distributor of the fund. BNYMSC does not distribute fund shares in less than Creation Units, nor does it maintain a secondary market in fund shares. BNYMSC may enter into selected agreements with Authorized Participants for the sale of Creation Units of Creation Units of fund shares.

          Index returns are for illustrative purposes only. Index performance returns do not reflect any management fees, transaction costs or expenses. Indexes are unmanaged and one cannot invest directly in an index. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

          This material has been distributed for informational purposes only and should not be considered as investment advice or a recommendation of any particular investment, strategy, investment manager or account arrangement and should not serve as a primary basis for investment decisions.

          Please consult a legal, tax or investment professional in order to determine whether an investment product or service is appropriate for a particular situation.