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Express Voice-Activated System

Our 24-hour automated telephone information line.

Express is an interactive Voice Response System that uses conversational capabilities so you can use your own words to tell us what you want instead of traditional menu options.

You are able to access your account information, fund pricing, performance and more. You can also conduct transactions such as purchasing, redeeming and exchanging shares; receive important tax information; obtain market quotes and more. Simply say what you need and the system will prompt you.

Account Access includes:


  • Check account/fund balance
  • Obtain total portfolio balance
  • Recent transactions
  • Change, reset or establish PIN
  • Initiate redemption, purchase and exchange requests
  • Obtain fund prices
  • Request tax forms and statements
  • Order checkbooks
  • Stop your Automatic Investment Plan

Using our Express Voice-Activated System is Easy.

Just call toll-free 1-800-645-6561 and have your Social Security number or Employee Identification Number and account number (last 10 digits) handy. You will be asked for an additional piece of information such as date of birth, zip code or name. To get started you will need your Personal Identification Number (PIN). If you do not have one, you will be prompted to create one. The PIN must be six digits and cannot contain consecutive numbers (123456) or identical numbers (111111).

You always have the option to speak to a live representative. Our staff are happy to help you with any questions. Just say “Speak to a Representative” during regular business hours from 9 am – 5 pm ET, Monday through Friday.